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How to use with Teamup
How to use with Teamup

An overview on how to connect your Teamup calendar to

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**The sync for iCal can take 2 hours or longer to complete.**

Connecting to AppointmentReminder via Teamup is very simple. But first you need to locate the iCal calendar feed from your Teamup Calendar.

Here is for information and an article from Teamup on iCal integration.

Outbound iCalendar Feeds: View Teamup in Other Calendars

You can set up a feed from your Teamup Calendar to

iCalendar feeds are read-only and provide a periodic automatic synchronization between the source calendar (Teamup) and application.

This means that the calendar feed goes out from a Teamup Calendar to another

There are two basic steps:

  1. obtain the iCalendar feed URL(s) from Teamup, and

  2. configure the other calendar application to receive the feed(s).

Important notes about iCalendar feeds

Keep in mind that this is a one-way read-only synchronization. You can view the events on an iCalendar feed, but you cannot modify them. Read more about security, sync frequency, data range about outbound iCalendar feeds.

You need to use the web browser interface of Teamup to access the iCalendar feed URLs. If you are using a Teamup mobile app, open the Teamup calendar using a web browser or mobile browser before proceeding.

Get the iCalendar feed URLs

Click the blue menu button in the top right corner of your calendar.

Select Preferences > iCalendar Feeds:

How to locate iCalendar feed URL

Go to the Menu > Preferences > iCalendar Feeds to get iCalendar feed URLs.

A list of sub-calendars will open with an iCalendar feed URL for each one. At the bottom of the list is an iCalendar feed URL for all sub-calendars.

Copy the URL you wish you use.

Create a custom iCalendar feed

If you wish to create a feed for a selected set of sub-calendars, you can do so.

First, create a read-only link to the selected sub-calendars. Access the calendar through this link. Then copy the iCalendar feed URL for “All sub-calendars” and proceed.

If the iCalendar Feeds menu item is not active in your menu, then this feature has been disabled for your calendar. Ask the administrator of your calendar to enable it.

Add iCalendar Feeds to other calendar applications

To add the iCalendar feed from a Teamup calendar to another, login to the system and then

Go to Calendar > Add Calendar > iCal.

paste the feed URL into the feed address field of the subscribing calendar service.

**The sync for iCal can take 2 hours or longer to complete.**

If you need additional assistance please contact us via the chat tool.

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