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Opt Out - Filtering Redtail Contacts
Opt Out - Filtering Redtail Contacts
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You may have a situation in Redtail when you don't want certain contacts to get any reminders at all or have some clients who only want Email Reminders and some that only want Text Reminders or Voice Reminder or a combination.

By default if you don't do anything all contacts will get a Email, Text and Voice Reminder (if turned on in Appointment Reminder calendar settings).

If you want to be more granular then you need to setup 4 UDF's (User Defined Fields) in Redtail.

To do this get a Redtail Database Administrator to login into Redtail.

Click on your login name in the top right corner and click Manage Your Account.

Click on Manage Database Lists.

Click on User Defined Fields.

Click Add

You need to create 4 new UDF's and the Spelling needs to be exactly as follows:

and the FieldType needs to be Yes or No

Appointment Reminder Opt In

Email Reminder

Text Reminder

Voice Reminder

Once you've add these 4 UDF's you can apply these values when editing a contact in Redtail.

If you have a contact that doesn't want ANY reminders add a UDF of type "Appointment Reminder Opt In" and set the value to No.

If you have a contact that only wants text messages not Voice or Email then add two UDF's for Email Reminder and Voice Reminder and set the values to No.

Any contacts updated will be applied next time Redtail syncs to Appointment Reminder.

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