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Importing appointments by file into Appointment Reminder
Importing appointments by file into Appointment Reminder

Use an Excel or CSV spreadsheet of appointments and upload to - EMR/EHR Appointments

Updated over a week ago is very flexible and can do a lot of different things with the import tool. Every situation and business use case is different, so if this is not what you need please reach out to us and schedule a demo. We are here to help.

Need to import appointments into Appointment Reminder?

Can your existing platform or EMR or EHR system export a appointment file?

Importing into Appointment Reminder via a CSV, Excel is super simple and takes little time to action every day. Quicker than texting/caller everyone manually.

It DOES NOT matter what format your file is in. As long as it has at least your clients name and a mobile or email field that is the only required information needed to import a file.

Please watch this video to see how easy it is.

Updated September 1, 2022

August 1, 2021

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