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Sending Appointment Reminders to yourself
Sending Appointment Reminders to yourself
Updated over a week ago

Appointment Reminder is a great tool for sending reminders to your client but what if you want to also send a SMS reminder to yourself for the same appointment?

This is possible in Appointment Reminder using Workflows. Go to Settings > Workflows and Create a new workflow.

The key thing you need to fill out on this screen is the "Override Mobile Number" box. This the the number the reminder will send to. If you don't fill this out this will send to the mobile number that is loaded on the appointment which is probably not what you want in this case.

Please watch the video for a walkthrough of how this works.

If you ONLY want to send reminders to yourself and NOT to clients then you can disable SendSMS, Send Email, Send Voice toggle switches in each calendar. Go to Calendar > Edit Calendars > Edit

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