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Automatic reply recognition.
Automatic reply recognition.
Updated over a week ago

In your text reminder scripts the following words will be recognized and the appointment response updated. You will need to use these words if you also want to trigger workflows based on the response from your client. They are NOT case sensitive.

Appointment Confirmed = Yes, 1, Y or C, Oiu, Si

Appointment Cancelled = No, 9, N or X, Non

Appointment Reschedule = R


Hello Susan, this is a reminder of your appointment on Thursday 10th of October at 4pm. To confirm your appointment please C. To cancel your appointment reply X. To reschedule reply R. Thanks, Andrea Holiday @ Wisdom Homes.

With Email and Text Reminders you can also include $REPLYLINK in your scripts which will create a link to your "Webpage Template" that allows people to confirm and cancel online.

In your Phone reminder scripts you can use the following.

Appointment Confirmed = 1

Appointment Cancelled = 9

Repeat the message = * (star)

Redirect call to forwarding number = 0

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