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  1. We have multiple locations with appointments. What is the best way to set this up?

    • The best way to setup multiple location is to setup a separate calendar for each location. This allow you to adjust the calendar settings independently for each calendar.

    • If you choose not to have separate calendars for each location then you can use keyword mapping to match the appointment to the corresponding script or sequence. However the calendar settings will all be the same.

    • For more information on keyword mapping visit here: https://appointmentreminder.com/docs/google-calendar/keyword-mapping

  2. What are negative keywords and when would my business use them?

    • Negative keywords are used to exclude appointment from being synced from other calendar systems to AppointmentReminder.com. You will have to designate a keyword like [nosend] and include it in the subject line or notes of the appointment.

    • The best practice is to include a word within [ ]this will reduce chances that the appointment is excluded due to an employee accidentally typing the word.

    • The words must exactly match in the 3rd party calendar in order to be excluded.

    • For more information on negative keywords visit here: https://appointmentreminder.com/docs/google-calendar/negative-keywords

  3. Can I send an email to the customer as soon as an appointment is booked?

    • You can setup a sequence that would send an email reminder immediately when the appointment is created.

  4. Can I send a follow up SMS to customers to gather business reviews?

  5. Can I setup my text message and phone number to be from my local area code?

    • By default we use toll free numbers to deliver the text and voice messages. In our testing the toll free numbers have better delivery rates.

    • We can setup the use of a local area code number. There is a small charge for this. Please contact us directly is this is something you would like to do.

  6. Can I record my own voice message?

    • Yes, navigate to Scripts > New Voice Messages > Add Voice Message.

    • Once the wav files are created you can go back to scripts and insert the WAV message around the appointment time tokens. The appointment time tokens will be automated and in a computer generated voice.

  7. Can I setup the reminders to go out a specific time of day?

  8. How do I delete appointments?

    • If you are using AppointmentReminder.com calendar just delete it and it will remove the reminder.

    • For third party calendars like Google, Office and Apple you will want to delete the appointment on the calendar that is being synced to AppoinmtmentReminder.com. If you do not the next time the calendar is synced it will be added back to AppointmentReminder.com.

  9. What sections of the Google appointment sync to AppointmentReminder.com?

    • The title and the notes section are synced by default. You will want to include the phone and email address of the appointment in those section in order for a reminder to be sent.

    • Other sync options are available. Please contact support for more information on using custom field.

  10. How do I reply to a customer that has responded?

    • You will receive and email with a link to the conversation. Simply click the link and log into AppointmentReminder.com to respond.

    • You can also go to Manual > Manual SMS and send a message to a customer from the system.

  11. How can I see the history of an appointment.

    • When you click on an appointment in AppointmentReminder.com you can view the Timeline of events.

    • You can also go to Reports > Transactions to and view daily activity as well as all appointment activity.

  12. How do I change the email in the system?

    • To change the reply to email, go to Calendar > Edit Calendar > Edit > Look for “Email address where replies should be emailed to” and change.

    • To change the address that invoices are sent to go to Settings > Business Settings “InvoiceEmailAddress”

    • If you need to reconnect a new outside calendar. Contact support and we can help to sync a new email address calendar.

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