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What are Sequences?
Updated over a week ago

Sequences can be found by going to Settings > Messaging Sequences.

Sequences are a way to send multiple reminders for a single appointment. For example, if you want to send a confirmation email when a booking is made then a reminder 7 days before the appointment then a reminder on the day of the appointment then sequences allow you do this.

Note: 1 Sequence can contain as many “steps” as needed. You don’t create a sequence for each time you want a reminder to send.

Once you've created a sequence you need to either assign as the "Business Default Send Time" - So all calendars will use the sequence. This can be done under Settings > Business Settings. If you only want specific calendars to use this sequence go into each calendar. Calendar > Edit Calendars > Edit and right down the bottom you can choose the "Send Time" for this specific calendar.

Please watch this video on how to set up sequences. Sequences can now be found under Settings> Messaging Sequences.

Common Questions

How can I send a reminder IMMEDIATELY when the appointment is made. Under days choose "Immediately"

What is "Stop When Reply is Received"?

If you send a reminder and someone replies to the reminder all other Steps in the sequence will be ignored/skipped.

What does "Skip past due reminders for new appointments" mean?

Means that if when you load an appointment the time the reminder was due to send has already passed then don't send the reminder.

Example you have a sequence step due to send 24 hours before the appointment. If you loaded the appointment and the appointment was in 12 hours time with this setting on the reminder would NOT send. If this setting was off then the reminder would still send.

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