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How to create an Online Booking Calendar
How to create an Online Booking Calendar

Step by Step guide on how to create a booking calendar.

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1. Add Your First Service

Go to Booking > Services.

You can create as many services as your business needs or just 1 if you want to keep it more generic.

  • Give your service a name.  Example Financial Review.

  • Provide a Description that will show on the booking screen to clients.

  • Choose how the appointment will be for.  You can create multiple services if you need different appointment duration's.

  • Choose how many days in advance a booking can be made for.  Example only allow bookings for the next 30 days.

  • Allow appointment changes up to.  For example if you don't want any changes made in the last day then enter 1440 minutes.

  • Buffer before event will make sure you've got enough time before the appointment to prepare.

  • Buffer after event makes sure there is sufficient time after the appointment.

  • Minimum notice is minimum numbers of hours before an appointment that a booking is allowed to be made.

  • You can turn on "approval" if you need the bookings to be approved before making them final.  Your clients will be notified when making a booking that it will need to approved by the business first.

  • Choose the days and times when this type of service is available for bookings.  Once your calendar is connected those times will be blocked off where there are already existing appointments.

  • Making active mean it will be available for booking once the booking page is created.

  • Add any additional question you would like to ask your client before the appointment.

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