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Appointment reminders aren't sending
Updated over a week ago

If you're not seeing any appointments sending make sure you have sending turned on.  It needs to be green.

If sending is already on and reminders are still not sending then check these other things.

1.  Go to the calendar (clicking the calendar button in the menu at the top).  Verify that there are actual appointments showing there.  Even if you are syncing with another calendar system all your appointments will show in the web calendar.

2. Make sure you have enabled SMS, Email or Phone call reminders on your calendar.  Go to Settings > Edit Calendars > Edit

3.  Make sure you aren't loading the appointment to close to the current time.  If testing some people are inclined to load test appointments for now.  Our system never sends reminders for appointments that have already passed so make sure you give the system at least 5 minutes.

4.  If you have "Only Send Reminders During Calendar Hours Enabled" (you can see this setting in Settings > Business Settings) reminders will only send during calendar hours.  To check calendar hours for each calendar go to Settings > Edit Calendar > Edit and see the start and end hours.

5.  Maybe the reminder has been sent but you just have received it.  Go to Reports > Transactions and make sure there is nothing listed.

6. If you still can't figure it out get in contact with us and we'll help you figure out why.

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