Please reach out to support using the icon in the bottom right of this page if you still can't figure out why appointments are syncing.

  1. Are your appointments ALL Day events. If so go to Calendar > Edit Calendars > Edit and turn on "Sync All Day Events" if you want these to sync. It is not enabled by default.

    If you do turn this on you will need to think about when you want reminders to send. The default settings is 24 hours before. You will want to change this to something else like 1 day before at 2pm otherwise reminders will send at midnight. (if you haven't configured the system to only send reminders during calendar hours).

  2. Do your appointments contain "Negative Keywords". Go to Calendar > Edit Calendars > Edit and check which "Negative Keywords" you have setup for this calendar. We will search the subject, description and location fields for any of these words. If ANY of these words are found any where in the appointment the appointment will not show on the Appointment Reminder calendar screen.

  3. Do you have "Only Sync Appointments that contain any of these words." field set? If so we ONLY sync appointments that are contained in this field.

  4. Do you have "Only Sync Appointments Where there is a Keyword Mapping" set to true? If this is set to true then only appointments set in Calendar > Edit Calendars > Keyword mapping will sync and show on the Appointment Reminder calendar.

  5. Are you sure you have connected the correct Google Calendar to Appointment Reminder. Customer support can help you if you're not sure.

Please note:  It doesn't matter how you enter the mobile number in Google Calendar, just write it how you would normally write it, our system will be smart enough to figure out if it's a phone number or not.

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