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Post Appt Follow Up - Review Requests
Post Appt Follow Up - Review Requests

Used to send clients messages AFTER an appointment. Can be done for gathering reviews or scheduling next appointment.

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How To Create New Workflow

Go to Settings > Post Appt Follow Up Auto Responder

1. Description

The description that will show in your workflow dashboard. You will want to name it something meaningful so when viewing you know what it does. For example 12 Month Follow up Appointment.

2. Apply to All Calendars

Toggle this switch if you want this workflow to be applicable to all calendars across your account. If not leave the switch off and put a check beside each calendar that will use this workflow.

3. Trigger Event

Select when this trigger should fire. The options currently are:

  • On Appointment Created. This is when an appointment is first created inside Appointment Reminder. It could be an appointment in the future or past.

  • Client Confirms Appointment - When the client replies Yes to an appointment. Useful for supplying more information or thanking them for their response and you look forward to seeing them.

  • Client Cancels Appointment - When the client advises they won't be able to attend the appointment. Useful for sending them a link to schedule another appointment or asking them politely why they are canceling the appointment.

  • Client Replies Unknown Response - When someone replies to an appointment reminder, but our system can't determine if it was a Yes or No. Useful for asking them to confirm or cancel the appointment.

4 & 5. Conditions

  • The appointment is using a specific script - Only trigger this workflow if the appointment is using the following script/template. You might want to create a different workflow for different offices or staff member so the messages are more personable.

  • The appointment contains specific text - Used only by Google Calendar users currently. The workflow will only trigger if specific text is found in the appointment. For example, you want to send a followup message 12 months from appointment date but you only want to create the workflow if the appointment contains 12 months. In Google Calendar just need to enter 12 months anywhere in the appointment details.

6. Action

What action do you want to take with the workflow is triggered and the conditions are



  • Post Appointment Followup - Sent after the appointment start time. Ie 2 hours after the appointment. Or 12 Months after the appointment at 6 pm.

  • Auto Responder - Send within a few minutes after the workflow has been triggered

  • Pre Appointment Information - Sent before the appointment. Ie 30 minutes before the appointment

7. Communication Methods

Choose which communication methods you want to send.


the switch to green to enable SMS/Text, Email or PhoneCall.

8. Script to Use

Choose which script you want to use. You may need to create a new script first. Go to Settings > Scripts to create a new script.

9. Timing

Choose you timings. You can send at very specific times for example 2 days after the appointment at 2 pm.

10. Active

Turn active to true if you want to enable this workflow. Workflows will not run unless this is turned on.

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