A workflow is an automated set of actions that execute based on triggers and conditions. You can have workflows that automatically respond to clients when they reply to an appointment reminder or when appointment reminders are created. (more actions coming soon).

Some examples of actions include:

- Auto-respond when a client confirms their appointment, providing your client with additional information about the appointment such as an address.

- Auto-respond when a client cancels their appointment asking them to schedule an appointment at an alternative time.

- If a client confirms send them an additional text 30 minutes before the appointment.

- When an appointment is created then schedule an additional reminder for 6 months time asking them to re-book another appointment.

- After the appointment send another text message asking your client to complete a survey. Could be sent any time after the appointment, such as 1 hour or send to all appointments for the day at 6pm.

In your Appointment Reminder account, navigate to Settings > Workflows.

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